Connected TV Services

Connected TV is a growing channel that can extend brands’ digital video campaigns into premium environments and add extra reach to traditional television media buys. Rise leverages the benefits of CTV including precise targeting, reach/frequency control, and real-time robust measurement to minimize wasted spend, create relevant ad experiences, and drive performance.

Through Rise, enterprise brands can access the most premium TV inventory that users are watching via OTT devices including live sports and inventory from Hulu, Disney, Amazon and hundreds of more providers.

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Stats for Today's Marketing World


YoY increase in
daytime TV viewing


consumers are broadening
their media options to
include new devices


increase in CTV
avails WoW

Full-funnel & Audience-first

Find, engage, and convert your target audience all throughout the funnel with experiences tailored to their interests.

Fraud Monitoring & Prevention

Eliminate fraudulent inventory across all mediums and empower your team to develop internal fraud prevention strategies.


Expand campaign volume to better understand what’s generating results—and then keep doing it.