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Connex Analytics

Our proprietary marketing technology, Connex® Analytics, empowers brands with the transparency and insights necessary to make more informed decisions about their marketing investments.

Connex ingests information across brands' vast data sources and configures metrics on a centralized analytics platform – providing marketers with a holistic view into the efficacy of their marketing investments and the ability to analyze campaigns down to the most granular level.

Clients can leverage Connex Analytics’ custom views and filters to compare, analyze, and dissect granular campaign results, while identifying opportunities for campaign improvements and adjustments. With performance reporting, budgeting, and goal tracking tailored to each client’s unique business goals, brands can make strategic decisions about budget allocation and channel optimization with the click of a button.

Black box practices are antiquated; Rise’s analytics platform gives marketers vast visibility into the impact and scope of their investments and the tools to make better decisions, faster. Learn more about our newest feature: Multiple Category Budget and Goal Pacing.

Visit our blog to watch videos explaining specific features of Connex Analytics:

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