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Connex Media Management

For brands with high complexity—whether they have millions of SKUs, thousands of locations, or dozens of brand managers—managing online media effectively can be extremely time intensive. It is impossible to maintain proper oversight into campaign settings, ad relevance, and wasted spend across millions of ad placements without technology and automation. Time and time again, however, Rise has proven the performance impact of creating and optimizing highly granular media placements that maximize relevance to the user and minimize wasted spend.
Rise developed Connex Media Management to automate the process of ensuring media accounts are developed, maintained, and optimized correctly—regardless of the size of an account. For search, Connex Media Management and our Search Term Automation capability can identify strong-performing queries within search term reports and automatically add those top performing queries as new keywords in campaigns based on custom performance thresholds. Connex Media Management also performs ongoing health checks for media accounts to ensure that targeting settings such as location, ad rotation, and delivery are maintained across all placements.

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