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Connex Personalization


To make stronger connections with customers and deliver relevant, meaningful experiences, marketers must elevate their data.

By applying machine learning technology to their vast data sources, brands can optimize their marketing programs and deliver personalized, cross-channel customer experiences.

Connex® offers a differentiated approach to personalization. Our 1:1 machine learning platform determines the right audience, content, and time to serve campaigns within multiple channels based on an individual customer’s propensity to purchase or convert. And while other personalization tools may specialize in advanced targeting or dynamic content, Connex is always learning, improving, and optimizing recommendations to deliver the most meaningful experiences across consumers’ digital touchpoints, including email, display, and direct mail marketing.


With Connex Personalization, brands optimize the customer experience, build brand loyalty, and drive a transformative return on their marketing investments.

Visit our blog to watch videos explaining specific features of Connex Personalization:

Learn how Print Personalization, our joint offering with Quad/Graphics, seamlessly integrates Connex’s machine learning with industry-leading digital printing to increase direct mail campaign effectiveness and maximize the return on your marketing investments.


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