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Display advertising is an important investment and must be treated as such, that is why it is critical to partner with a premier online ad exchange like the one offered by Rise Interactive. At Rise, we are able to provide online ad exchange services through our online media buying platform, Trading Desk. With Trading Desk you can improve the media buying process for the campaigns you manage by providing:

Improved Efficiency: Real Time bidding across the major digital exchanges allows you the ability to reach the right audience at the right time for the right price.

Massive Reach: Trading Desk provides you access to 12 billion+ impressions across 90%+ of the available inventory on the internet, including premium inventory.

Better Targeting and Data: Tap into 1st party audience data and 3rd party contextual data to hyper-target the audiences you desire. Comprehensive analytics allow for better planning, targeting and optimization of your managed campaigns.

Ability for Advanced Profiling: Trading Desk helps you understand who is visiting your site, who is converting and what your highest value customers look like.

Brand Compliance: Trading Desk keeps your brand safe by monitoring disqualifying site and network level placements that don’t match your desired criteria.

Full Sales Funnel Approach to Prospecting and Remarketing: Our careful and strategic approach of tracking and measuring each stage of the sales funnel allows for optimal performance through each campaign.

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Site Speed

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