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The Amazon Advertising Platform: Amazon's Programmatic (Display) Advertising at Rise

With its status as the world’s top online retailer and almost 25 years of observing and collecting shopper data, Amazon has created the Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP). AAP has made first-party shopper data to advertisers as programmatic (display) inventory to identify and activate against some of the most powerful segments of individuals most likely to purchase. AAP programmatic ads provide sellers with exclusive access to this shopper data and Amazon inventory across the web. This exclusive access provides sellers more ways to reach the right person at the right time and place, which means even more opportunities for optimizations to drive efficient CPMs.

How Rise helps brands leverage AAP
Rise has harnessed this exciting new access to Amazon’s shopper data and inventory network to create a unique, integrated Amazon programmatic service. Whether managing clients’ entire programmatic efforts, or tasked only with Amazon, we bring our programmatic expertise, rigorous platform-agnostic testing, and digital philosophy to identify top performing audience segments:

  • Rise has Amazon programmatic experts that build cohesive, full-funnel strategies that leverage AAP audience data and inventory to create top-of-funnel demand or send remarketing messages using Amazon’s Search Product (AMS).
  • We treat AAP as an extension of our expert programmatic strategy. We use a ROI-driven approach of buying audiences using both first and third party data to target individuals with similar characteristics and behaviors.
  • We continually optimize towards top performing segments, regardless of platform, and invest spend into the top performance-driving programs.
  • We transform the performance data from the native Amazon interface to provide advanced analytics and insights with a granular view of placement and audience.

Contact Rise today to have an Amazon programmatic expert audit of your current Amazon programs or develop a new Amazon marketing strategy.

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