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VIDEO | The Next Era of the CMO: Ditching “Brand” and “Performance” Marketing

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The Next Era of the CMO is Here: Are You Ready For It?

In the face of change and disruption, many people become overwhelmed by the uncertainty of the moment. But for me, I feel excitement. Change means an opportunity to do things differently, be better, and innovate. The marketing industry is in one of those transformational moments right now. Those who understand how to adapt and aggressively pursue their vision have a unique window of time to sprint ahead.

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Developing a Cross-Marketplace Prioritization Strategy

As digital marketing channels continue to expand, retail media networks predict ad revenue will increase by as much as 75% on marketplaces. That is a significantly more competitive landscape for brands selling products online, making every decision that much more important. Read More

Digital Marketing’s New Rules: Are You Ready to Play?

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There's an Alert for That: The eCommerce Marketer's Edition

There are a handful of obstacles we hear about from eCommerce brands. Our teams at Rise knew we could solve these challenges—and many others—in real time by building the right data infrastructure and data mining capabilities. Enter: Connex Alerts. Read More

VIDEO | The Retail Media & Marketplaces Landscape

Running an eCommerce digital media program has never been simple. Today, in addition to analyzing which channels, campaigns, and products are driving the greatest return, marketers are faced with the big question of ‘WHERE?’ Read More

Digital Marketer's Guide to Connected TV

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How to Approach Competitor Search Term Management

Whether you’re marketing B2B or B2C, to the education or finance industries, or chasing leads or revenue, your non-brand keywords are going to appear for search queries that include you...

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Know Your Marketplace Choices and Make Growth-Minded Decisions

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Closing the Loop on Patient Acquisition

Throughout the many years Rise has worked with healthcare providers, we’ve witnessed a major shift from brand-focused marketing to targeted patient acquisition. As consumers are expose...

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Healthcare Marketers: Check Your Vitals

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The Future of Retail & eCommerce: Q&A with Women at Rise

According to a recent Harvard Business Review study, women on average make 94% of home furnishing decisions, 92% in vacations, 91% in homes, 60% in automobiles and 51% in consumer electronics. And you can find similar stats just about anywhere you look. Read More