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Text Ads vs. Shopping Ads: The Power of an Integrated Search Approach

One of the largest challenges that eCommerce-focused brands face is understanding how to leverage all the different types of advertising that traditional search engines offer. More specifically, when should a brand invest in shopping ads vs. text ads? Read More

Taking a Business-First Approach to Media Management

Most marketers recognize a rookie to the craft when they see one: a big ideater with little regard for goals and objectives in their campaigns. While marketing experts know that defining KPIs is essential pre-work to any campaign, true marketing leaders will know which KPIs are worth tracking. Read More

Leads-to-Revenue Checklist for Marketers

To benchmark your current efforts, use this checklist as a guide for opportunities to make your digital marketing program even more effective and revenue oriented. 

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Your iOS 14.5 Questions - Answered

On April 20 in a press release about new products, Apple sneakily embedded major news for the future of privacy: iOS 14.5 is coming next week. Among its updates is a significant change for digital marketers: App Tracking Transparency. Read More

Marketers’ Call: Connecting Digital Media Performance to Phone Conversions

We’ve seen the digital world transform quickly in recent years. As consumers, we’re fortunate that most everything we need is one click away. As marketers, however, the seemingly disparate ways that consumers can interact with our brand can feel overwhelming. Read More

Changes to Microsoft Ads Engine Bid Strategies

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How Many Marketers Are Ready to Compete in A Real-Time, Automated World?

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What Google Privacy Changes May Mean

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Q&A for Retailers with Rise’s Amazon Experts

According to eMarketer, 49% of US internet users typically start their online shopping search on Amazon. By other reports, that number reaches up to 58%. The stakes are high for retail brand...

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How eCommerce Marketers Can Drive More Revenue on Marketplaces

More than 60% of your consumers will start their product search in an online marketplace this year. Whether you’re already on marketplaces or still needing to launch, now is not the time to let bottlenecks get in the way of potentially explosive business growth on the channel.

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Q&A for Retailers with Rise’s Social Experts

Two and a half years after Instagram launched their Stories feature, over 500 million users were using it daily. It should be no surprise to any marketer utilizing social media in their stra...

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Affiliate Strategies for Savvy Marketers

Marketers are under more pressure than ever to justify the business impact of media dollars. Fortunately, affiliate marketing can be a fast and useful lever for marketers to only pay for performance driving sales.

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