Rise Interactive's Partnerships

Rise Interactive's partnerships represent far more than a certification or case study. Together with our partners, we amplify our mission of delivering remarkable experiences and superior results for clients by investing in unique and innovative solutions that deliver a competitive advantage.

Our Partners

Learn more about our current strategic partners and how we work together.

Quad Graphics

Quad Graphics is one of the largest and most innovative printing and marketing services organization in the world. The Rise-Quad partnership connects online and offline experiences that drive increased customer loyalty and brand value. This one-of-a-kind relationship delivers proprietary solutions that integrate cross-channel personalization and attribution of both print and digital campaigns adding unprecedented value to clients.


Rise is a Google Premier Partner & Google Analytics Certified Partner with more than 100 certified employees leveraging paid search, display, video ads, mobile, shopping, and Google Analytics. Working directly with a dedicated agency team as well as Google’s heads of industry and vertical teams, we provide unique, customized industry insights, and strategy to enterprise brands.  Rise is also provided with advance access to product roadmaps, alpha/beta testing and exclusive events.  


As a certified Business partner, Rise enables clients to leverage Adobe’s industry leading analytics, CX and media solutions offered via the Adobe Marketing Cloud. Due to the extensive experience in both implementing and executing on Adobe technologies, Rise is afforded access to beta products, special events, and more. Leveraging detailed media spend, attribution, and UX analytics, clients have superior insight into business intelligence and performance metrics.

Impact Radius

Impact Radius offers a fully-integrated suite of products for media attribution, affiliate marketing, and fraud protection. Rise was the first agency to be certified on Partner Manager for affiliate marketing and is one of the exclusive value-added service providers of their attribution solutions. Together, Rise and Impact Radius help provide retail eCommerce and lead generation brands with more transparency and greater profitability.


Salesforce is the global leader for cloud marketing platforms and enterprise cloud commerce. Rise provides implementation and strategic execution of Salesforce marketing and ecommerce solutions for enterprise brands, with a specific emphasis on Marketing Cloud, Pardot and Demandware. Through the partnership, together we leverage best-in-class methods to help brands acquire, engage, and retain loyal customers. 


Optimizely is a best-in-class experience optimization platform, providing website and mobile A/B testing and personalization. Rise has attained the highest level recognition as a three-star Optimizely partner, serves as a member of the Optimizely partner advisory council and is certified to implement OptimizelyX. Through our collaboration and shared commitment to data-driven innovation, clients are enabled with the highest caliber experimentation metrics and data-backed insights. 


Conversion Logic is a cross-channel attribution platform providing a robust solution to accurately analyze, optimize, and predict the impact of marketing investments across digital and traditional media campaigns. As a super-user of the XC Logic solution, Rise not only provides clients valuable insights into digital marketing portfolios, we deliver highly-advanced attribution for online and offline channels as well as custom enablement and on-site training. 


unbundled is an award-winning creative company founded by Cheryl Berman, former Chairman and Chief Creative Officer at Leo Burnett. The company specializes in branding and "The Big Idea." Bringing that expertise together with Rise's data-driven customer experience capabilities results in data-informed-design and more effective and engaging experiences. Unbundled and Rise work in tandem to turn unique and innovative ideas into measurable actions and drive success for brands.


Invoca’s Call Intelligence Platform provides an in-depth understanding of how calls factor into marketing campaigns to drive both customer acquisition and retention strategies. Rise is Invoca’s first agency certified call partner and works closely with its senior leadership team around product innovation and technology roadmap. Clients gain insight into connections between offline calls to online marketing campaigns through implementation and program management services. 


Kentico is one of the most powerful Content Management Systems (CMS) in the world providing an integrated ASP.net, CMS, eCommerce, and marketing platform. As a silver-level Kentico partner, Rise has access to custom enablement and preferred support. Leveraging its platform, Rise designs and orchestrates robust websites built upon intuitive designs that promote interaction and delightful experiences.


The Trade Desk (TTD) is one of the fastest growing demand-side platforms with best-in-class technology to manage display, social, mobile, and video advertising campaigns. Rise maintains a rare trading academy certification on the TTD platform along with bi-weekly strategy sessions with TTD Traders. Through the partnership, clients benefit from more robust cross-device targeting and programmatic attribution as well as access to display, FBX, video, native, and audio media.


Lotame is the leading independent data management platform (DMP) focused on helping companies maximize the value of robust customer insights. Rise partners closely with Lotame as a fully integrated solution and is the only agency to beta test the Audience Optimizer product. Armed with granular customer insights leveraging first and third party data, brands can deliver more relevant experiences across banner ads, email, websites, and direct mail. 


AutonomyWorks leverages the unique talents of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), along with technology and systems design, to free businesses from the burden of marketing and digital operations tasks such as marketing operations, content management, and reporting and analytics. Together, Rise and AutonomyWorks deliver a high quality work product for clients. 

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