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Launched in 1917, S.O.S steel wool is an iconic product, but needed to reinvigorate its brand and reach new audiences. Rise proved the brand was for more than just pots and pans and brought its marketing efforts into the digital space.

A Complete Digital Makeover

Previously, S.O.S had had minimal digital presence, but as part of the campaign, Rise redesigned its website to showcase unique uses for the soap pads. 

The brand also launched social media profiles and developed a data-driven strategy to acquire fans by promoting relevant and engaging content. 

"Who Knew?"  Campaign

By analyzing historical website traffic, market research, and search and social trends, Rise learned that the younger audience that S.O.S wished to target was interested in cleaning “hacks.”

Under the “Who Knew?” tagline, Rise told a rich, multimedia story that positioned S.O.S as not just a product relegated to beneath the sink, but a “life hack in a box.” 

The Full Creative Toolkit

Rise deployed its complete arsenal of creative services (web development, design, video, and content) to depict S.O.S as an all-in-one tool for the kitchen, garage, patio, and beyond.

An additional animated video series pitted S.O.S against its top competitor Brillo in fun, comic book- and cowboy-inspired settings.

Content That Converts

Optimized for search and syndicated across social, native, and display channels, the content delivered a 5x increase in web traffic as well as an equivalent increase in web user engagement

In addition, in just six weeks, S.O.S’s Facebook following surpassed that of its biggest competitor Brillo (who had been on Facebook for three years). Today, S.O.S has 163k+ likes.