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Return on Analytics Services

  • Answer critical business questions
  • Take the ambiguity out of decision making
  • Gain insight to improve the customer experience and optimize for conversions
  • Differentiate strategy and outrun the competition
  • Better understand the customer journey and which marketing tactics influence buying decisions
  • Guide smarter investment decisions through visibility into marketing performance


Why Rise

“Analytically Driven” is not just a tagline. From our inception, Rise has invested in quantitatively minded marketers and an analytics infrastructure to help brands see data differently, answer strategic questions, and find necessary insights. At Rise, every Analyst is required to pass a rigorous analytics exam and earn a series of certifications prior to working on campaigns. In addition, Rise is continuously developing ways to deliver faster, better, and deeper insights for our clients. This constant innovation has led to the creation of numerous proprietary tools, technologies, and techniques — all geared toward empowering the modern-day marketer to make smarter investment decisions. 


Analytics Partners and Certifications

Google Analytics Certified Partner     Optimizely Certified Partner   Adobe Enterprise Solutions Partner     IBM Business Partner  

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