Closed-Loop Marketing Analytics

Our team of analytics experts develops actionable, multi-channel reports to provide our clients with a single source of truth for understanding the media channels driving the highest performance. Through our proprietary technology, Connex Analytics, and our industry-leading campaign performance management tactics, Rise provides our clients with the actionable insights necessary to make strategic and tactful decisions about budget allocation and optimization in real time.

Our reporting also ensures clients have a transparent and accurate measure of the leads, campaigns, and tactics driving revenue and overall return on ad spend. Through Rise’s best-in-class closed-loop marketing and attribution reporting, we assign fractional credit to every touchpoint in the customer journey and assess campaign performance based on final conversion and lifetime value of a customer. This enables brands to gain a better understanding of customers, the overall customer journey, and the impact of each touchpoint on bottom-line revenue.

From rules-based (or predetermined) models, to advanced algorithmic models and machine learning, we apply advanced tactics to activate our Interactive Investment Management approach and help clients shift budget across the highest performing channels to maximize digital media impact. By developing, implementing, and managing both proprietary and third party attribution platforms, we are able to meet our clients’ unique business needs.