Better Insights Faster™

As the industry rapidly evolves, Rise is committed to providing marketers with transparency into their marketing investments and the tools to activate more informed, strategic decisions across channels.

Meet Connex®, our Interactive Investment Management® platform that empowers marketers by seamlessly providing cross-channel, data-driven insights and automation to enable them to make relevant customer connections at scale.

Connex Analytics

Informing and Optimizing Interactions

Connex Analytics shifts digital marketers' starting point from data collection and organization to customer-centered insights and strategy development. A single source for granular campaign analysis and cross-channel insights, Connex enables marketers to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing programs — all on a centralized digital marketing platform. Connex empowers brands to make better marketing decisions, faster.

Connex Media Management

Automating Campaign Creation and Optimizations

Connex Media Management improves client performance by automating our media philosophy at scale. We believe that managing our clients’ data at the most granular level enables us to achieve results that consistently have Rise named as one of the leading search agencies in the world. Using our Search Term AutomationTM technology, we can automatically identify and build new keywords at scale and optimize key performance drivers.