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Rise’s approach to affiliate marketing is aggressive, yet selective. Our team goes to great lengths to deliver maximum exposure as well as optimal customer acquisitions for our clients. An important part of this process is the ability to distinguish quality publishers from a sea of noise online; building and fostering relationships with trustworthy partners to deliver unmatched results that increase click-through and conversion rates for your business.

We offer more than outsourced program management (OPM), not only handling communication with your affiliates, but also keeping an ongoing focus on your profitability. After thoroughly vetting partner applications, we take care of affiliate outreach and partner communication throughout your campaign. Our affiliate marketing services also include incentive programs and strategic guidance to partners.

Our technology-agnostic approach is fueled by the Rise Affiliate Network, a proprietary blend of platforms, technology, and relationships. This enables relationships with an array of major affiliate networks, giving us the ability to negotiate the best rates and tailor clients' programs to deliver results. Competitive rates, combined with our methodical approach to the affiliate selection process, enables partnerships with publishers that embrace our clients’ brands, drive conversions, and shatter ROI goals.

We’re not only driving profitability within the channel – for example, tracking order reconciliations, leapfrogging, and coupon codes while appropriately adjusting commission rates – but we’re uniquely using insights, like search volume and seasonality, to inform commissions, vendor budgets, and paid placements. Using search insights to identify high-quality affiliates organically, we ensure the best content placements. Additionally, we share top-performing keywords with affiliates, so they are able to amplify their own search efforts, achieving even better visibility for your brand.

Rise is pioneering personalized affiliate ads and leveraging our content marketing capabilities to identify additional native and influencer opportunities that may be ripe for an affiliate partnership. Pursuing cutting-edge attribution and fraud mitigation technologies that maximize return for clients and ensuring their programs never run on autopilot.

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