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While our social media marketing services help clients build and manage a community, syndicate content, keep a pulse on customer sentiment, and build loyal brand advocates, we also do so much more. We use social as an integrated component of your digital marketing portfolio that drives real business impact.

Simply activating and monitoring social channels is only one component of an overall social strategy. We create custom solutions and deliver consistent results through both organic and paid tactics. Our social media management services not only strengthen customers' relationships with your brand, but also enable you to tie social campaigns to revenue. We work to integrate social media with other digital efforts and leverage our award-winning content marketing capabilities to create social content that converts. And we’re using the incredible amount of data your customers provide to help optimize and inform the next move. 

We’ll pop open the hood and perform an in-depth audit of your brand's social presence to develop a roadmap of recommendations to ensure that your brand is leveraging social media's full potential:

  • Cohesive branding and messaging
  • Proper platforms for your audience
  • Right type of content at the right time
  • Ideal frequency
  • Attention-grabbing content aimed at your target demographic
  • Understanding of audience behavior

Based on what we find, we’ll then provide you with a Social Playbook:

  • Channels to play in, own, and avoid
  • Competitive insights
  • Content development recommendations
  • Tailored messaging to the most appropriate audiences
  • Proper measurement frameworks and KPIs

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