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Email Marketing Services

With a focus on data, we’re able to help clients in all phases of their email marketing programs, from strategy to execution to measurement. The goal is to help brands deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time, making it critical that clients have access to the necessary data and understand how to best leverage it within their email campaigns.

We work to fully understand your goals, and then consult on how you can create the optimal customer experience. Email marketing services include customer trigger identification, enhanced personalization capabilities, assistance with email service provider selection and implementation, creative design, and more.

By analyzing your audience’s intents and behaviors, we help you stimulate and capture demand with your current and prospective customers. We gather and organize key online and offline behaviors and feed them into our proprietary machine learning platform, Connex, to optimize product, message, and content recommendations. This may include using purchase history and browsing trends to suggest additional products or showing articles and web pages based on customer interests. 

We work with any amount of data to help you create the most robust customer profiles possible, enabling you to constantly get smarter about their behaviors and improve your campaigns. Because different customers have different needs, we use this data to determine the best frequency of send, the best content to deliver, and the times at which your audience is most likely to respond. We can then leverage this information across other marketing channels to create a seamless experience throughout their entire journey.

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