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Digital Marketing Measurement

Digital Marketing Measurement

Through a combination of our proprietary technology platform, Connex, and other industry-leading technology solutions, Rise provides best-in-class reporting that creates real impact on your business.

We’re focused on removing data silos and creating a digital marketing measurement framework that provides you with a single source of truth, so you can make informed decisions quickly and continue to drive your business forward. This includes descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive online marketing measurement insights around any or all marketing investments.

How we’re doing it


Channel audits enable a detailed quantitative analysis that determines how to best optimize media spend, while our multichannel reports analyze all digital marketing efforts in a single view to generate cross-channel insights.

Attribution and media mix modeling leverage rules-based or probabilistic models to understand the complex and increasingly non-linear customer journey, informing media spend and pacing, while influencing creative strategies.

Closed loop reporting provides the ability to tie marketing activity to actual revenue, while forecasting and predictive modeling help influence channel mix and spend.

Our focus is on answering your questions about digital marketing measurement analytics and providing your team with insights that are timely, complete, accurate, and actionable.


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