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We create effective paid search strategies for all stages of the customer journey, using a signal-driven approach to target and connect with customers from early on in their exploration all the way through the point of conversion.

Rise takes a systematic approach to paid search, placing client programs in three evolutionary stages, from basic to advanced. The goal is to prioritize investments in order to move your program into the advanced stage as quickly as possible, while getting the basics right. Supported by our proprietary Connex technology, this method ensures best practices are captured and scaled across your business.

Our integrated search marketing services ensure that your organic and paid programs are working together as efficiently as possible. Additionally, by integrating paid search with other online and offline channels, we are able to create a seamless experience that transcends every touchpoint, including TV and print. We are able to target via customer match technologies and incorporate third-party data to ensure your audience receives the most relevant messaging possible based on where they are in their customer journey.

Insight into performance is critical to long-term search marketing success and allows you to make ongoing decisions for your business. Deep analytical expertise and a focus on attribution provide a clear view of the impact of your paid search investments, enabling us to optimize your entire digital marketing portfolio.

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