5 Trends in Social Video Marketing

Just when marketing companies were starting to master the promotional benefits of social networking sites, a new trend is introducing an entirely new approach to social media advertising. The boom of Vine, YouTube and Instagram Video has marketing agencies examining how they can use social network videos to enhance brand awareness and consumer engagement.

YouTube has been around for a quite a while now, but it’s never been quite this easy for people to “share” videos on Facebook. From hilarious standup routines to captivating news stories, YouTube videos are becoming staples in newsfeeds. In fact, since 2006, there has been more than 365 billion online video views, according to Unruly Media.

This statistic has caught the attention of the biggest names in global commerce. Today, social network video advertising is a key promotional strategy for Dove, Adidas, Volkswagen, Warner Bros, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Dunkin Donuts and a number of other companies.

But how can your brand benefit from video sharing? Where is this trend heading? Here are five predictions for social network video marketing in 2014:

1. Facebook Will Lead the Way

As if it was any surprise, Facebook is taking advantage of this video marketing trend and according to Morgan Stanley, its advertising revenue could surpass $1 billion by the end of 2014. By 2019, that number could skyrocket to $5.5 billion.

Facebook recently launched its breakthrough video promotion stream. Instead of just embedding videos into fan pages, companies can now insert auto-play advertisements directly on newsfeeds.

2. Mobile Devices Will Dominate

A lot has changed since the introduction of the iPhone. Today, smartphones and tablets are among the most popular mediums for Internet users.

According to Unruly Media, the click-through rates (CTR) on tablets and smartphones tripled in 2013. This pattern probably will continue through 2014. In fact, the use of mobile video is predicted to jump 25-fold by 2016. If this forecast proves accurate, more than 70 percent of mobile traffic will come from mobile video.

3. More Music Video Advertising

If you go to the movies today, chances are you won’t find a single film that doesn’t feature some form of product placement. This advertising strategy is especially prevalent in music videos.

To compensate for the overwhelming amount of online piracy, A-list entertainers are selling their personal tastes to advertisers for a little extra cash. The automobile and fashion industries have already tightened their grip on music video marketing, but that list is sure to expand as mobile videos become increasingly popular.

4. Debates Will Continue About the Value of a View

If an Internet surfer sees your ad but doesn’t click it, why would you pay for the promotion? That’s the question on the minds of companies worldwide.

In the past, online videos almost always were designed to generate brand awareness. But today, new analytic software and marketing strategies will make conversion data more important. How exactly does your video generate profits for your company? Soon, this will be the principal factor—if not the only factor—that determines the value of online video marketing.

5. The Number of Short-Form Video Promotions Will Increase

Advertisers have long known that people don’t have very long attention spans. Online platforms like Instagram Video and Vine are taking advantage of this fact by limiting video lengths to only a few seconds. Although these apps didn’t exactly get their start with video advertising, there’s no doubt that short, promotional clips will be a mainstay in social media.

Is video advertising on social networks worth the investment? There’s no question that brands can see substantial benefits by introducing their video ads to social networks, so the question becomes, “How much is it worth?” This year is sure to shed some light on the value of promotional video clips, but with strategic planning and clever advertisements, even small businesses could see substantial returns from online video marketing.

01/23/2014 at 02:34

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