Justin Garvin

Vice President, Media

Announcing the Rise Interactive Amazon Marketing Practice

Over the past 2 years Rise has built a dedicated Amazon team with more than 80 employees certified. Leveraging our robust and industry-leading digital marketing experience in search and programmatic, Rise now manages AMS (Search) and AAP (Programmatic) for leading CPG & Retail brands looking to take advantage of Amazon’s scale and focused marketing solutions.

Rise has developed proprietary strategies, technology and reporting to ensure that brands are maximizing their investment strategies within Amazon while integrating AMS and AAP strategies with other digital marketing investments. In every instance, Rise has been able to drive more efficiency while scaling Amazon marketing investments.


  • AMS: Rise has developed customized AMS reporting that provides reporting dimensions not yet available within the Vendor Central tools, including but not limited to: historical data (beyond 60 days), performance by category, Keywords across Amazon and Paid Search, brand versus non-brand performance and more.
  • AAP: Rise provides both granularity and transparency in custom AAP reports, delivered on-demand.

Rise applies unique strategies to ensure that Amazon investments are working in concert and not against other channel strategies including:

  • AMS: Rise leverages proprietary methods for integrating Adwords/Bing strategies as well as competitive insights.
  • AAP: Through the Rise Trading Desk, we are able to integrate audience targeting strategies between Amazon and external third-party investments.

Rise designs custom store pages that are built to represent the brand experience while optimizing for Amazon performance.

To have Rise audit your current Amazon programs or develop a new Amazon marketing strategy, contact us today.


01/30/2018 at 07:04

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