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Digital Marketer's Guide to Connected TV

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What Will 2021 Bring Digital Marketers?

Every year at this time, Rise publishes digital media predictions from our leaders to help prepare readers for the year ahead in marketing. In January 2020, we predicted advances in the cookieless world, cross-channel sophistication, and… definitely not a pandemic. 

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Programmatic Inventory Around the 2020 Election

As the election quickly approaches, marketing teams around the country will see changes in their Programmatic performance as inventory demand increases.

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Preparing for COVID-19’s Long-Term Impacts on Programmatic Media

As we navigate the global pandemic together, the state of online behavior continues to evolve, leaving long lasting effects on the world of digital marketing. That’s why our team put t...

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The Linear Buyer's Guide to Connected TV

The evolution of TVOnce upon a time, the only choice consumers had for watching TV was through over-the-air broadcasters, or cable and satellite services. But with the rise of high-speed...

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Programmatic & The Changing Privacy Landscape

Digital cookies have been a driving influence for programmatic strategy since the channel’s onset. They served as the cornerstone of cross-site tracking of targeted users and attributi... Read More

Reach the Big Audience with Connected TV

As viewership of streaming services continues to grow in America, individuals can now expect access to a highly flexible and personalized watching experience. This change in viewing habits h... Read More

Molly Murphy Named as Woman to Watch in Digital Advertising by Viant

We’re excited to share that Molly Murphy (Associate Manager, Programmatic) has been named by Viant on their list of 2020 Women to Watch in Digital Advertising.To learn more about M...

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Warming the Mailbox: Digital Advertising's Counterparts to Traditional Tactics

While the day digital ad spend surpasses traditional (tv, radio, newspapers, magazines) has yet to come, when looking at actual daily usage time per medium, digital is in the lead. According... Read More

Warming the Mailbox Through Digital Advertising

While traditional advertising is an effective way to build brand awareness and reach new customers, brands can waste up to 80% of media dollars to reach the right users. Traditional advertis... Read More

Amazon DSP Capabilities & Integrations with Sponsored Ads

Amazon is now the third largest digital ad platform in the US. While advertisers typically first think of Amazon Sponsored Ads, Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform) is a necessary compleme...

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Are You Overpaying For Your Programmatic Media?

Are you overpaying for your programmatic media? If your agency is charging you a flat CPM, you are probably paying too much.Buying media today has never been easier. There are thousands ...

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