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The Linear Buyer's Guide to Connected TV

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The evolution of TVOnce upon a time, the only choice consumers had for watching TV was through [...]

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Molly Murphy Named as Woman to Watch in Digital Advertising by Viant

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We’re excited to share that Molly Murphy (Associate Manager, Programmatic) has been [...]

Blog / Amazon

Grabbing Competition with Amazon DSP

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Competitors. All brands have them, and all marketers strategize how to defeat them. With [...]

Blog / Programmatic, Strategy, Amazon

Leveraging Amazon for Full-Funnel Programmatic Initiatives

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Recently, I wrote about about the power of Amazon’s Advertising Platform (AAP) and how [...]

Blog / Programmatic, Amazon

The Power of Amazon Ads Platform

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Accounting for 44% of online retail sales in 2017, Amazon’s highly efficient e-commerce [...]

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Google Chrome Update: Ad Filtering Technology Released

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In recent years, there have been a growing number of disruptive ad types that interfere with [...]