Shafique Niazi

Manager, Amazon

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Amazon Rolling Out Improved Sponsored Ads Targeting

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Digital marketers, rejoice! Amazon is rolling out a number of enhanced targeting features for [...]

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Prepping for Amazon's Prime Day 2018: An AMS Guide

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Prime Day is officially here and that means it's time to prep your AMS strategies and [...]

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Amazon Does Not Want Your CRaP (Can’t Realize any Profit) Products

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Amazon does not want your CRaP; that is, products that Amazon (through all its algorithmic [...]

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Amazon Store Enhancements: Unlock Your Amazon Store With New Insights Da...

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Amazon Stores are a great avenue for customers to discover your product suite. However, what [...]

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A Step Forward: Amazon Marketing Services Adds Date Picker & Advertising...

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Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is a modestly new player for eComm-focused search marketers [...]

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Expanding Your Search Strategy with Amazon Marketplace

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As search engine marketing’s capabilities grow, brands are gaining a number of new ways [...]

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The Report Editor Rises: What You Need to Know About Google AdWords’ Lat...

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SEM advertisers love data. We slice and dice it every day to discover the insights that help [...]