Jen Pino

Director, Marketing

Collaboration: A Crucial Component to Your Website Redesign

In a Rise-hosted virtual event, Robert Prieto, Manager of Web Marketing at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, shared how effective collaboration and strong working relationships across the entire organization helped the hospital launch an award-winning website with Rise.

He discussed two important groups for generating buy-in:

  • Senior Leadership: Launching a successful redesign requires a lot of pre-work; if your leaders don't understand your pain points and the barriers to conversion on the existing site, they could be resistant to investing the company’s time and resources.
  • Stakeholders: Whether it is specific teams, such as your IT team, or all of your organization’s employees, it is crucial to loop every stakeholder in on the plan and keep them accountable for the collaborative efforts on a redesign.

After gaining buy-in from these two groups, it is important to maintain a transparent relationship with them during the whole project. In the case of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, having weekly status calls with their IT team was one way that the marketing team was able to keep other employees involved throughout the redesign process.

On launch day, people from all over the world were on a Zoom call watching the redesign go live. Not only did the launch run smoothly, the website continues to receive industry recognition to this day. Reach out to Rise to learn more about how company collaboration can serve as an asset to your website redesign.

08/25/2020 at 02:06

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