Helping brands make smarter decisions and deliver more relevant content to customers

We are constantly evaluating the marketplace for cutting-edge technologies that provide the best solutions to achieve our clients' goals. However, the market is rapidly expanding and the rate of change is frequent. In order to reduce the confusion and complexity, we are integrating these technologies into our proprietary platform and building innovative solutions that ensure marketers can make informed decisions.


Meet Connex, our Interactive Investment Management® platform, that simplifies a marketer’s life by organizing the vast sources of information and technologies necessary to drive a cohesive cross-channel marketing strategy. It combines the context of customer interactions with the ability to create relevant connections at the moments that matter.

Currently, the proprietary platform is comprised of two products. Read more about them below.


Driving More Relevant Experiences

Connex Personalization helps brands deliver the most relevant experiences and make better connections with their customers using a combination of machine learning technology, cross-channel data integration (including online and offline customer behavior), and channel-specific delivery solutions.

Through integration with our media buying platforms, Connex allows brands to achieve the most advanced targeting, efficient buying and placement, and personalized messaging possible. Information gathered in each channel is used to benefit all, thus driving up relevancy for your customers and enabling a more remarkable experience and greater loyalty.


Informing and Optimizing Interactions

We're shifting digital marketers' starting points from data collection and organization to customer-centered insights and strategy development.

Connex Analytics provides detailed in-channel analysis and cross-channel insights to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of the entire portfolio of marketing investments.

Whether you are an analyst needing to rapidly troubleshoot an optimization issue, a digital marketing manager exploring how changes in spend across channels will impact revenue, or a marketing leader who needs visibility across all of your brands or business units, Connex Analytics is your trusted source.