Kelly Noonan

Senior Internet Marketing Consultant, Amazon

Introducing Sponsored Products for AmazonFresh

As advertisers, we are constantly looking for new digital marketing opportunities for our clients. With Amazon’s latest announcement, CPG brands will now have a “fresh” Sponsored Ad opportunity on the eCommerce giant’s platform that we are excited to start leveraging.
Amazon’s business is expanding to AmazonFresh allowing advertisers for the first time to be able to add AmazonFresh products to any new or existing Sponsored Product campaign. Advertisements for these products will appear within Amazon’s normal search results, product description pages, and even AmazonFresh’s search results. Sponsored Products for AmazonFresh are only shown to customers eligible to purchase the item and will include the local price.

What does this mean for marketers?
This latest feature is a huge win for Amazon marketers since it opens up a new range of products to advertise along with new inventory to take advantage of. Brands that start advertising on AmazonFresh will benefit from:

  • Increased reach on the platform: Advertise products to relevant customers by advertising your AmazonFresh products across both Amazon & AmazonFresh search results and product detail pages.

  • Targeting the right customer: Ads will only target AmazonFresh eligible customers.

  • Increased customer growth & retention: Reach new customers and retain repeat shoppers.

Contact us today to learn more about how advertising on AmazonFresh can help your overall Amazon marketing strategy.

03/19/2019 at 02:18

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