Jen Pino

Director, Marketing

Empowering Your Team By Updating the Technology Behind Your Website

With the right implementation and prework, a website redesign project can transform the technology behind your current website.

At Rise, building technology that empowers users is the cornerstone of our development work. In a recent virtual event, Lou Amodeo (VP, Digital Strategy) discussed how Rise partnered with American Lung Association to conduct a total redesign of their website,, and solve a major pain point their employees were facing.

The non-profit’s previous legacy system required them to seek outside help or contact their website development team whenever they needed to make a change. During the website redesign process, Rise held discovery meetings with the organization’s stakeholders to understand what technology was needed to make telling their brand’s story online more accessible and efficient. Rise built a new CMS through Kentico that gave American Lung Association’s team the ability to own the creation and updates of web pages.

As a result of this partnership, American Lung Association’s website has been named one of the best association websites of the year by Gulo, Kentico, dotCOMM, and Hermes. Learn more about Rise’s data-driven web development service by reaching out to us.

08/11/2020 at 02:06

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