Jen Pino

Director, Marketing

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How to Implement Measurement Infrastructure into Your Website Redesign

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In order to launch a successful website redesign, implementing a proper measurement [...]

Blog / Web & Mobile Development, SEO, Customer Experience

SEO: The Key to Success in Your Website Launch

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Launching a new website can have serious implications on your website’s SEO  [...]

Blog / Web & Mobile Development, Customer Experience

Driving Site Engagement with a Refreshed Brand Identity

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Did you know that a user's perception of your website has a direct correlation to their [...]

Blog / Web & Mobile Development, Customer Experience, Analytics

How to Identify and Meet Your Audience’s Needs in a Website Redesign

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Having an extensive understanding of your brand’s target audience and their pain points [...]

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Full-Funnel Best Practices for Audience Targeting

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Those who call Valentine’s Day a Hallmark holiday may be happy to read consumers are [...]

Blog / Trends, IIM

The Most Notable Digital Media Updates of 2019

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As we begin a new year (and a new decade!), we’re amazed at how much the digital media [...]

Blog / Social Media

Rise Interactive Now a Facebook Marketing Partner Agency

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For brands currently advertising on Facebook or looking to expand to the platform, Rise is [...]

Blog / Amazon

Becoming Retail Ready on Amazon

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As Amazon continues to make a bigger splash in the advertising game, brands are learning [...]

Blog / Paid Search, Connex

Why Brands Should Utilize Automation in Search

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Over the past few years, it's no surprise to any marketer that the digital marketing [...]