Product Description Pages (PDP) Strategy for Amazon

At the root of all successful Amazon programs lies a thoroughly optimized product detail page (PDP) strategy. Rise has developed an organic Amazon listing optimization strategy that focuses on three key components:

  • Keyword and Competitive Research
  • Content Creation
  • Implementation, Troubleshooting, and Approval Monitoring

Keyword and Competitive Research
The experts behind Rise's listing optimization service for Amazon use a set of both third-party and proprietary tools to understand how customers search for products, the relative volume of each keyword, and opportunities to explore new keywords. The main goal of this process is to match how brands are talking about their products to how their customers do. By implementing keyword optimization tactics, we can maximize conversion rate and sales velocity.

Content Development
eCommerce content is an area that is often overlooked; however, Rise has proven that developing creative and compelling content will directly improve conversion rates and product reviews. Our team of in-house copywriters will learn the brand voice, messaging, and styles to create an engaging user experience. In some cases, this takes the form of A+ Content, and in others, simply improving product descriptions and titles.

After we have created the right content, tone, and visuals, we then take the burden of implementation off of our client’s team. Rise is able to use Amazon’s UI to upload the approved content and deploy it.
Contact Rise today to have our team of SEO experts manage your current programs or develop a new listing optimization strategy for Amazon.