Walmart Retail Media Marketing Services

After dominating brick and mortar sales for decades, Walmart has set its sights on a new frontier: eCommerce. By enabling free 2-day shipping (November 2017) and a complete website redesign (April 2018), Walmart’s eCommerce sales have generated double-digit growth numbers quarter over quarter to become the third largest eComm platform in North America.

To complement this growth, Walmart has opened up its search advertising solution to the general public as a self-service solution. By doing so, Walmart is opening the doors to one of the most coveted search auctions on the web, and Rise is excited to help our clients take advantage of this new platform.

The Rise Approach to Walmart Media Group

To help our clients take advantage of this new solution, Rise has transcribed our award-winning Paid Search approach to capitalize on a young market and drive sales and efficiencies through our Walmart advertising services.

  • WMG Best Practices: Rise understands that managing your Walmart advertising comes with its own set of rules, best practices, and understandings. We develop custom strategies based on our clients' goals in order to maximize the value received from this retail media network.
  • Team + Technology: Using a combination of both the human touch and automation, Rise is able to generate best-in-class solutions for onboarding and managing a client’s high SKU catalog.
  • Integration: Rise applies proprietary methods to incorporate traditional search engine and Amazon insights as well as competitive insights so a brand can have a holistic digital marketing strategy that is driving the strongest ROI.


For brands that are already selling on or are looking to start, Rise’s expertise can help find scale and continuous growth wherever they fall within the Walmart maturity.

Contact Rise today to have a team of retail media experts manage your current Walmart programs or develop a new Walmart marketing strategy.