Technical SEO Services

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO strives to ensure that search engines can easily read and understand your site. By looking at crawlability“Can the site be read?”– and indexability“Can the pages be saved in search engines’ libraries to be shown to users later?”– a site’s overall technical fitness can be determined.

Why is Technical SEO Important?

Even if your brand produces the best online content, it will never drive organic traffic to your site if it can’t be read by search engines. Even worse– if the wrong technical tag is placed somewhere on your site, your entire site can be blocked, which can prevent virtually all organic traffic from ever finding your brand. If this sounds scary, it’s because it certainly can be– but these issues can be prevented with the right strategy.

The Rise Approach to Technical SEO

The Technical SEO experts at Rise take your brand’s website as seriously as you do. That’s why at intake, we audit your existing site to develop an understanding of any technical deficiencies, then work with you to prioritize a long-term, flexible plan where content and evolving brand goals are held in utmost importance. Our experts– including our in-house web development team– focus on providing maximum effort-to-impact, meaning we prioritize the projects that will make the most positive impact on your overall site performance first.

Rise Technical SEO Services Include (but are not limited to):

  • Site architecture

Our holistic site architecture review includes a duplicate/similar content review, a category/subcategory structure analysis, an analysis of your site’s current utilization of data-driven reasoning, and more.

  • XML optimization

With your brand’s goals in mind, our experts review your site’s defined tags and optimize them for maximum data storage, searchability, and shareability.

  • Robots.txt optimization

Our experts ensure that web crawlers can– or can not– access defined URLs on your site, keeping your site from becoming overloaded with requests.

  • Schema markup review

Our schema markup review ensures that your site includes the correct code that search engines will understand and be able to accurately represent on results pages.

  • eCommerce Technical SEO

With your ideal customer journey at the helm, our experts ensure that all the most important aspects of a high-performing eCommerce site are in place– including breadcrumb navigation, optimized site structure, canonical tags, and much more.

  • Core Web Vitals optimization

By inventorying and auditing page speed, user experience, and more, our experts are able to provide realistic recommendations for optimizing core aspects of your site.

  • Redirects

Whether permanent or temporary, our team can recommend and implement redirects that ensure your URLs are driving traffic to the intended locations.

If you’re ready to begin enhancing your Technical SEO, contact Rise today.