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Influencer Marketing Services

Our approach to influencer marketing management is driven by data and results, with a continual focus on optimization.

Word-of-mouth is historically one of the most valuable forms of marketing, influencing as many as half of all purchasing decisions. While it’s traditionally delivered through a consumer’s friends and family, our team is able to leverage social media influencers to share authentic and relevant information about a brand or its products with consumers.

We have access to an expansive global network of influencers – from bloggers to celebrities – who can promote our clients’ products, services, content and more across any social media network. Our team then takes an unbiased approach to further vetting and selecting the influencers who will best help our clients meet their goals. While keeping a client’s brand reputation top of mind, we look to quality influencers who can impact sales.

We then work hand-in-hand with our award-winning content marketing and creative teams to develop infographics, blog posts, videos, and more that will resonate with clients’ target audiences. With a focus on results, we then syndicate content among selected influencers to increase exposure for our clients. Our team continues to grow relationships with our clients’ most valuable influencers and build their brand loyalty, which in turn builds credibility for our clients.

By placing an emphasis on reporting, we are able to continually optimize clients’ influencer programs to increase ROI. This includes evaluating the impact of current programs based on awareness, reach, engagement, and any other relevant goals.

No matter the industry, we are able to help brands get in front of a captive and engaged audience through quality influencers.

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