Matthew Zaute

Sr. Vice President, Account Strategy & Analytics

The Human Customer: B2B's Great Migration to Customer Experience in Digital

Last week, I joined Rightpoint's director of engagement, Brandon Rozelle, to present “The Human Customer: B2B’s Great Migration to Customer Experience in Digital.

If you missed our webinar, make sure to check out the recording below to hear about the human element of B2B marketing and how companies can most successfully connect with consumers in a digital world.

Brandon and I cover the following topics in this one-hour presentation:

  • Creating organizational alignment and ownership around customer experience
  • Developing an enterprise experience and measurement roadmap with supporting technology architecture
  • Using advanced analytics to better understand customers
  • Leveraging A/B and multi-variant testing to create a culture of customer obsession
  • Applying best practices from real-world case studies where these approaches have been executed successfully

Hope you enjoy!

If you’d like more information on creating a personal and impactful customer experience, don't hesitate to reach out to Rise.

09/30/2015 at 12:00

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