Audio Advertising Agency Services

In today’s world of constant consumer connectivity, marketers can gather unique data and engage with target audiences even when individuals are off-screen. This has led to growth in digital audio advertising and increased its prominence in overall media budgets. Unlike traditional radio ads, programmatic audio provides granular targeting based on demographics, interests, behavior, and geolocation.

Whether serving ads on Spotify to users at the gym, or accessing podcast inventory for individuals on-the-go, Rise helps brands reach their target audience and drive performance through audio advertising agency expertise.

  • The right measurement and optimization: Our programmatic team helps advertisers effectively reach the right listeners, as well as measure an ad’s success and adjust accordingly, constantly striving to get the best return on investment.
  • Consistent brand messaging throughout the funnel: Rise uses programmatic audio not only as a way to deliver a unique brand experience, but also as a way of reinforcing a brand’s message across multiple digital mediums. By leveraging existing assets, such as video and display banners, in addition to audio companions, Rise enables audio to drive a lift in brand metrics across the entire buyer lifecycle.