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Programmatic TV & Video Advertising

At Rise we use the primary benefits of programmatic – advanced data-driven targeting and real-time inventory buying – coupled with the advantages of video and TV advertising, to create powerful strategies that drive performance. As the world continues to undergo a digital transformation and users demand content when and where they want it, programmatic video is on the rise, enabling advertisers to provide a more customized user experience than traditional TV.

While video is traditionally used for brand awareness, the Rise Trading Desk enables us to further maximize a brand’s impact by leveraging video throughout all stages of the customer journey and across all channels, including mobile. Our team is able to create effective direct response video strategies through the inclusion of companion banners and help drive conversion-based metrics.

Programmatic video provides brands with effective storytelling, sophisticated targeting, and evolved performance measurement capabilities. Our team helps brands achieve success through a variety of opportunities:

Digital Video
We work with our clients on all formats of programmatic video, including in-stream, which can occur pre-, mid-, and post-roll; in-feed, which appears in or around content; interstitial ads; Youtube; and in-banner video. Online video provides the opportunity to leverage existing traditional TV spots and optimize them for digital – or even create custom digital content.

Programmatic TV
Through robust targeting and analytics, we’re able to help our clients purchase only relevant programmatic TV inventory. Inventory sources may include connected TV, addressable TV - which targets at the household level based on audience - and linear TV which achieves a significant scale through local and national broadcast and cable station affiliates.

By targeting the right users at the most meaningful moments, our clients are able to use programmatic video as a powerful platform for awareness, conversions, and retention.

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